It has been a year since Symantec acquired Blue Coat. What’s new?

In the mid-June last year, Symantec announced the acquisition of the company Blue Coat in the amount of USD 4.65 billion, finalized on 1 August 2016. In this way Symantec became stronger involved in the battle for the leader in innovations in the area of security solutions while we, one year after the acquisition, observe which changes this acquisition brought to us.

This acquisition has not become just another industrial competition swallowing, as the first moves have shown us – the former CEO of Blue Coat, Greg Clark, became the executive director in Symantec, while majority of the management of Blue Coat took over the same functions in the present Symantec. What else happened during last 365 days?

Veracomp becomes the regional distributor for Symantec products

After long-lasting cooperation with Blue Coat, in April Veracomp became the Adriatic region (Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia) distributor for now unified Symantec portfolio. It is our exceptional pleasure that Symantec recognized our long-term experience and success in the area of security solutions distribution, and our sales and technical competencies are at the disposal to the existing Blue Coat and Symantec partners.

Veracomp Adriatics has become Symantec Distribution Partner for the Adriatic region

1+1 = 3.2 million attacks blocked every day

Blue Coat had a market reputation as a manufacturer with one of the best web threats base and most detailed categorization of web content that now becomes common with Symantec. With the integration of two global bases, Symantec and Blue Coat now cover web, e-mail and endpoint even better – three key and most sensitive points in a business organization. All products in the portfolio shall use the joint threats base, which enables faster response against the targeted attacks and modern threats.

Integrations of Blue Coat and Symantec products

Symantec had a good reason to acquire Blue Coat: it perfectly relies on hitherto product line and complements the weaknesses that existed in the portfolio. Product integrations have already begun and will continue in the forthcoming months. The following mutual integrations have been made very quickly:

  • Symantec Endpoint Protection, as one of the key products in the portfolio, now integrated with the Blue Coat ATP solution Content Analysis System for advanced file check and sandboxing. Direct integration enables protection from new detected threats delivered over web, by blocking them on the very endpoint.
  • Secure Web Gateway solution ProxySG came to the portfolio with the acquisition of Blue Coat, together with the Content Analysis System as the ATP check system. The last version of Symantec Messaging Gateway solution for e-mail protection now can send files to CAS for analysis.
  • DLP (on-premise and cloud) integrations with Elastica CloudSOC and Web Security Services products for secure internet access via cloud.

Gartner is still the leader, now under Symantec name

If you did not manage to find Blue Coat ProxySG in Gartner report for Secure Web Gateway products, you should not worry. We are still among leaders – nay, almost solitary – but this time under the Symantec branding, now the tenth year in a row.

Symantec is Named the Leader in Secure Web Gateways by Gartner Magic Quadrant for the Tenth Time

Symantec continues buying, acquiring Fireglass and Skycure

Two more acquisitions have been announced during July – Symantec acquired Fireglass, leading manufacturer of solutions for threat isolation, and Skycure, company specialized in mobile devices protections. Fireglass technology enables secure internet access and reduces attack areas using “safe browser” technique, respectively by running dynamic web content exclusively in an isolated environment instead of directly the browser in the user’s computer. This technology leans on the secure web gateway solution ProxySG that shall profit in the future from this integration. In the future, Skycure will integrate into Symantec products and thus enhance protection of the business environments and user mobile devices, especially in today’s BYOD (“bring your own device”) circumstances.

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