Trend Micro Tipping Point – update

By acquiring HP’s TippingPoint product line in 2016, Trend Micro got more than a “brand or hardware”. The most interesting part of TippingPoint is their DVLabs team and ZDI (Zero Day Initiative) – industry-leading threat intelligence and detection program, offering constantly updated security coverage and customer system protection.

This means that TippingPoint users and other customers deploying Trend Micro solutions are first to be protected from most unknown threats and vulnerabilities largely thanks to machine learning and sandboxing available via other Trend Micro components. Applying “virtual patches” on an IPS level means that customers are protected on average 60 days before manufacturers (Microsoft, Adobe, etc.) issue and are able to make official patches available.

The figure below shows specific benefits of protection provided to customers using ZDI’s virtual patch functionality in comparison to other technologies.

Another interesting option is integration with vulnerability management solutions such as Nessus Professional (which we also offer). The entire process can be automated and is relatively simple to implement. Digital Vaccine provides you organization with global threat protection between the discovery of a vulnerability (by automated scanning or otherwise), importing scan results in TippingPoint and the availability and automatic application of patches.

Please contact us for additional information on these products. If you are using any other security solution and are interested in switching to TippingPoint – Trend Micro and Veracomp have a special offer just for you!

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