Trend Micro OfficeScan XG: new generation of computer protection is here!

The so-called “new generation” of computer protection products has been extensively talked about for about a year now – proactive protection, heuristic detection, moving away from pattern-based detection, i.e. using databases of existing identified malware… Trend Micro has long offered advanced methods of computer protection by detecting suspicious software programs, especially ransomware, and its primary product for end-computer protection – OfficeScan – now features additional levels of protection.

We have presented the latest version of OfficeScan, called XG – or XGen, highlighting the fact that this is a next generation of anti-virus products – which features brand new detection engine which uses machine learning and advanced heuristic analysis before file execution, advanced detection and protection from ransomware, enhanced integration with existing Trend Micro products, improved client management and a number of other improvements. In addition to the presentation, Trend Micro launched the marketing campaign “What’s your X“, where we asked users ‘what is your unknown factor’, i.e. which security threats are most critical to their organizations, and then provided appropriate solutions.


Advanced protection through machine learning and other news

New features and improvements include the following:

  • Machine Learning – new module providing protection against previously unknown threats via machine learning and advanced heuristic analysis (Predictive Machine Learning)
  • Maintain control over clients outside the local network using the DMZ component (Edge Relay Server)
  • Integration with Deep Discovery Analyzer – OfficeScan clients can now send suspicious files for sandbox analysis from end computers
  • Improved ransomware detection – additional level of protection from crypto-threats via improved detection and the option to save copies of original documents
  • Protection from exploits

» And many more new and improved features!


Webinar New product presentation

Our Education Portal, accessible from the Partner Portal, contains webinars with new product presentations intended for sales and technical audiences, as well as short one-hour courses with more details.

Test XG quickly and without installation

All partners are granted NFR licenses accessible on the Partner Portal and can download the installation files and test OfficeScan XG at any time. However, Trend Micro has prepared a demo cloud environment with the pre-installed product and use scenarios for those who want to review new product features quickly and easily. A brief guide explains all key functionalities with provided samples for testing the behavior of this new product.

» Test OfficeScan XG


Who is eligible for an upgrade?

All existing OfficeScan users are entitled to a free upgrade to the latest version, including all new protection features. Existing activation codes are valid for OfficeScan XG, and you can upgrade any product version from 10.6 SP3 and higher. Find more information in the Installation and Upgrade Guide.

» Download OfficeScan XG

The award-winning solution

Trend Micro’s primary focus is on the security of information systems, which is reflected in numerous independent research studies – conducted by, among others, two of the most relevant analytics agencies –  which designated the brand as an industry leader. Gartner – which placed Trend Micro among the leading companies in its annual report– positioned Trend Micro at the very top of the competition among products for the protection of end computers. In addition, in its Q4 2016 report, Forrester positioned Trend Micro’s product suite among the leaders in the field of end computer protection.

» Download the reports


Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms (February, 2016)

What else do you need to know?

We’ve collected basic resources and information to help your further familiarize yourself with the product. Furthermore, all Trend Micro partners can find additional resources such as presentations, short videos, brochures and competition comparisons in the Sales Library section of the Partner Portal.

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