SMB security doesn’t have to be complex – leave it to Trend Micro!

Today’s modern threats – ransomware, crypto-malware and other current buzzwords from the world of malware – do not discriminate between small and large enterprises. While larger organizations have the advantage of investing significant resources in their IT system security, small and medium enterprises can hardly afford the necessary investments in trained staff, equipment, infrastructure and maintenance.

With Trend Micro, you can easily cover two critical points: 1) Email traffic, which is used to deliver most of today’s ransomware threats, and 2) user devices, as the ultimate goal of attacker’s malicious attachments. All this can be achieved without the need to install and maintain additional equipment, executed via services stored in manufacturer’s data centers, instead of the noisy server in your office.

Trend Micro Worry-Free Services Advanced suite contains three key items: protection of Windows and Mac, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices (Worry-Free Services), email security with antispam, antimalware and advanced ransomware protection (Hosted Email Security) and, for all Office 365 users, additional protection and DLP for your email, OneDrive and SharePoint services (Cloud App Security).

How does Trend Micro protect your computer and mobile devices?

With 25 years of experience in the field of enterprise user protection, Trend Micro offers leading end-computer security products on the market. We’ve applied our acquired know-how to bring you Worry-Free Services offering standard antimalware protection, blocking malicious apps using heuristic analysis of their behavior, controlling peripheral devices, web reputation filtering, and filtering by content category. Furthermore, functionalities used for protection against ransomware also block crypto-malware processes, protect documents from unauthorized encryption and perform backup of encrypted documents. All of this is provided as Security as a Service – giving the user control over clients in the organization, without having to worry about the infrastructure.

Key information:

  • Managing computers and customers through a central, always available console located in the cloud
  • No need for additional server installations in order to control customers
  • Covers both Windows and Mac computers, and iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Protection against viruses, improved ransomware protection and blocking new and unknown threats thanks to behavior-based app control
  • Restricted access to malicious pages and controlled access to web content (social networks, file sharing services, adult content)
  • Trend Micro takes care of updating your products and installing latest patches

How does Trend Micro protect your email traffic from suspicious messages and attachments?

Regardless of whether you use your own email servers or services such as Office 365, Google Apps or servers leased from your hosting provider, Hosted Email Security protects your emails even before spam and advanced threats are delivered to the email server. This product combines standard antispam protection, blocking malicious attachments and advanced inspection performed by executing files in a controlled sandbox environment.

Key information:

  • Filtering and analyzing emails before they are delivered to the organization and employee email clients
  • No infrastructure investments, reduced time and maintenance costs
  • Central visibility of all mail traffic and blocked emails via always available console located in the cloud
  • Protection against targeted attacks and ransomware using advanced behavioral analysis of attached files (sandboxing)
  • Antispam protection with 99%+ efficiency, blocking malicious addresses contained in email messages
  • Data centers in North America and Europe, data privacy certified under SAS Type 70 and ISO 9001

How does Trend Micro protect your Office 365 service?

If you use Office 365, additional advantage of this suite can be found in its integration with services offered by this Microsoft collaboration service suite. While Hosted Email Security filters email traffic before it reaches the organization’s email server (cloud Exchange in case of Office 365), Cloud App Security is directly integrated with Microsoft services – Exchange, One Drive, SharePoint – and provides protection against ransomware and other advanced threats by sandbox-checking documents in these collaboration services.

Key information:

  • Direct integration via Microsoft APIs provides protection and ransomware detection inside documents stored on Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive services
  • Quick installation and configuration without additional software or modifications of the current environment
  • Protection against targeted attacks and ransomware using advanced behavioral analysis of files (sandboxing)
  • Data Loss Prevention for controlled sharing of files containing sensitive data (personal information, account and credit card numbers, PCI)

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