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Skype for Business virtual room in Lifesize Cloud

One of the biggest challenges in the world of videoconferencing is how to unite so many different and yet similar protocols into one call?

As users of such systems, we are only interested in establishing a call, having satisfactory video quality, ability to share desktop/presentation and be provided with highest fidelity of sound as the most important component. From an administrator’s point of view, there are a number of challenges to overcome one creating such calls:

  • Interoperability between standard or, as they are often referred to, legacy VC codecs based on H.323 and SIP standards, Skype 4 Business client, WebRTC or software application connectivity, and then the ability to make a simple phone call
  • Firewall traversal – Setting up a videoconferencing codec to a public IP address is no longer an option for security and practical reasons. SPAM calls, opening firewall ports, NAT/PAT 1:1 configuration, additional network administration, and it is still almost impossible to achieve the level of interoperability listed above

Can Lifesize Room subscription answer these challenges?

The answer is, yes, it sure can.

What do I get with the subscription?

A virtual room that can be linked with a videoconferencing codec from the Lifesize Icon series, multipoint call option with up to 40 participants and support for Skype 4 Business clients.

Who should get this subscription?

Enterprises with occasional videoconferencing meetings that want to replace an existing codec with multipoint call support, Skype 4 Business functionality and enjoy WebRTC connectivity, but primarily enterprises that want to solve above-mentioned challenges quickly and without any hassle.


Security – no need to setup a videoconferencing codec on a public IP address

Flexibility – users i.e. participants can use the system without a user account or filling out a registration form, they can sing-in as guests and participate in the meeting straight away

Simplicity – central management, automatic system upgrades, single-click meetings

What’s included?

  • One virtual meeting room
  • Option to integrate a single Lifesize Icon codec with a virtual room
  • Skype 4 Business support (Skype for Business Room subscription only)
  • Meetings with up to 40 participants (Skype for Business Room subscription 40, Room subscription 8)
  • Unlimited audio calls
  • Phone/mobile calls

Two subscriptions are available: Room and Skype for Business Room.

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