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Polycom RealPresence Trio UPDATE – Skype User Interface, Gallery View, and much more

Each new software version brings new functionalities, removes flaws present in previous versions, but not one of the older versions provided this much new features, primarily in the visual department. Skype User Interface and Gallery View  for displaying more participants in a single virtual meeting are just some of the new features we will highlight.

UCS 5.4.4AA software version is available for download starting on 15 November 2016.

Skype User Interface

Using any device means getting used to its user interface, and that can take some time no matter how simple it is. Complex interfaces may require additional training before users can start using the product. Polycom found an answer to this problem by designing the user interface similar to the Skype 4 Business interface, which is very familiar to users, and thereby minimizing time needed for getting used to the device and removing unnecessary training and IT support in conference rooms.

Polycom Trio Skype UI

Gallery view


Until now, Polycom RealPresence Trio could only show the active speaker in a multipoint call, while the new software version makes it possible to show multiple connected users simultaneously. The available options are:

  • Auto – automatic selection of call participants shown on the screen
  • Gallery View – active speaker is displayed in a larger window, and other participants are shown in smaller windows
  • Picture in Picture – shows remote parties and local camera view (self-view)
  • Full Screen – full screen display

 How this looks live

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