Mobile app development – fast and secure

Mobile apps are part of most digital transformation initiatives. But how to make development more productive, ensure a quicker delivery and enable secure connectivity with organizational data (from legacy apps to moder web based APIs)?

We’ve played a bit with the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform (RHMAP) – so take a look at this short video demonstrating the core benefits for developers, system admins and architects:

Features highlights:

  • scalable microservice architecture with clustering and scale out capabilities (no worrying if my server side code will make it or my backend services will be swamped by excessive client requests)
  • built-in security controls and governance when exposing organizational data via public servcies
  • Helper APIs for the typical mobile scenarios: data sync, caching, storage, authentication, notifications, statistics
  • Rapid Mobile app development through visual GUI (form builder)
  • Build farm for all mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile) and client frameworks (native or hybrid) – one place to maintain and build binaries for all operating systems
  • Application lifecycle management: separation and management of development, test and production environments
  • Integration with existing CI/CD pipelines and toolkits (bring your own toolkit with local development fully supported)
  • Mobile analytics and reporting about mobile app usage
  • Centralized push notification hub with abstract APIs covering all major notification services
  • Access management with granular roles, enabling complex MSP and multitenancy scenarios

More info:


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