Microsoft Office 365 & Aruba Instant Wi-Fi

Increase your productivity with mobile communication and collaboration solutions by Microsoft and Aruba Networks

Development of so-called Unified Communication & Collaboration (UCC)applications such as Microsoft Office 365 is growing at an incredible pace. Ideal for small and medium (SMB) enterprises, Office 365 can help you improve productivity, simplify collaboration between employees, facilitate the acceleration of business processes and enhance business innovation.

Office 365 enables your employees to take their business communication habits and solutions anywhere they go. They can fully commit their attention to other colleagues by using Skype for Business for sharing PowerPoint presentations and making voice and video calls – at home, in the office or on the road.

A 2015 study conducted by IDG (International Data Group, Inc.) on the topic of Unified Communications (UC) and Collaboration (UCC) has shown that UCC app solutions are a  priority for small and medium-sized (SMB) organizations and that 66% of SMB organizations plan to implement or upgrade UC&C solutions within the next year.

As the workforce becomes more mobile, reliable and faster, delivery of Office 365 apps is extremely important. On the other hand, vast majority of Wi-Fi networks are not keeping pace with this trend. 80% of today’s wireless networks require an upgrade to be able to support the exponential increase in demands of mobile users and applications. Many wireless networks are not able to detect, let alone assign priorities and adequate network resources to Office 365, making other apps that are not critical to business operations, such as social networks or games, take the back seat.


Aruba Instant: Tailor-made for Office 365

Aruba Instant is a powerful, yet simple and affordable solution for delivering secure and high-quality business Wi-Fi networks in SME environments. Strengthened by a wide selection of various technologies, Aruba Instant is able to deliver far better Office 365 user experience when compared to less advanced Wi-Fi solutions. Additionally, Aruba also offers a standard security component as expected from a global leader in secure access:

  • AppRF detects when a user opens Office 365, Skype for Business or any of more than 1900 apps which is then prioritized over other, less important apps
  • After establishing a voice or video call, system automatically applies QoS parameters to raise specific services, and respective user experience, to the next level
  • ClientMatch ™ technology makes sure that all Wi-Fi devices always connect to the best access point in order to enhance user mobility and avoid losses which may occur due to failed transmission of information or dropped connections
  • Virtual controllers located inside Aruba Instant Access Point devices are mutually synchronized enabling the second AP in the series to take on the role of a virtual controller in case the main AP breaks down, thus ensuring continuous operation and full system functionality at all times

Solution for every app

Employees need the freedom to use Office 365 anytime and anywhere – Aruba Instant gives them this freedom. Wide range of internal (indoor), external (outdoor), and specially protected (ruggedized) access point device variations means that Aruba Instant can find its place in every corner of your enterprise network.

Start with a small network with only a single access point device, and continue expanding the network to suit your needs. Need a fixed (LAN) access infrastructure? Wide range of Aruba products, from routers to switches, will easily complement your wireless Wi-Fi network. In addition, Aruba Central Cloud management and monitoring system will simplify configuration and maintenance of your entire fixed and Wi-Fi network, with the possibility of adding AirWave Network Management tool at a later date. Do you need guest access in your network? Or monitor and manage access requirements? No problem – Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager is a single access control solution for wired and wireless networks.

Why use Aruba Instant Wi-Fi with Office 365?

  • Automatic detection and prioritization of Office 365 apps over other, less important apps
  • Certified Skype for Business solution, ensuring Quality of Service for video conferencing and calls on the move (VoIP over WLAN)
  • High level of security for protecting your confidential data
  • Scalable solution network can be upgraded and expanded in line with business growth, without generating unnecessary costs
  • Automatic redundancy fail-safe design that safeguards the continuity of business operations
  • Cloud or local supervision and management, depending on the needs and operational requirements


As employee mobility more and more becomes standard occurrence in today’s companies, software applications used under the “unified communications” principle (like Microsoft Office 365) are increasingly becoming commonplace in business environments, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. Your employees can access Skype for Business to attend conferences, share PowerPoint presentations, and make voice and video calls from their homes, offices or on the road – wherever the job takes them. Aruba Instant Wi-Fi solution ensures the best user experience, fewer missed calls, higher quality video conferences, and generally optimum environment for using Office 365 apps.

We are preparing a demonstration of Aruba Instant solutions in Veracomp offices in Zagreb! More details are coming soon…

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