HPE OfficeConnect – Enterprise-grade WiFi Accessible to Everyone

HPE OfficeConnect consists of access points and switches. HPE OfficeConnect OC20 802.11ac wireless access point offers easy installation even for users lacking technical know-how and comes with a comprehensive security package and easy remote monitoring feature.

OC20 access point can be combined with HPE OfficeConnect 1400 Series switches with 5, 8, and 16 ports, and a mobile app that automatically connects to the access point. To install, connect OC20 to one of the switch ports and open the configuration app. The app will automatically create a private network for enterprise users and a public network for visitors (guests). HPE OfficeConnect Smart Air technology optimizes coverage area so users automatically connect to their closest point.

Although the device is easy for end users to understand and use, robust OfficeConnect system allows administrators to easily add new users, configure the system, check for updates, and troubleshoot – on-site or via remote access. Wi-Fi Protected Access II prevents unauthorized users from connecting to the organization’s network by securing each connection separately. The authorization system requires a username and password to access the network.

Persons without login data, such as visitors (guests), can connect to the guest network by entering their Facebook login information. Facebook login provides the owner of the system with free marketing and good responses of potential customers.

Owner of the installed system can also track logged-in users and any security protocols that could be compromised. Website filtering provides a special level of security by allowing administrators to prevent users or visitors from accessing unwanted content or malicious software while surfing the web.

This system is ideal for small organizations, attorneys offices, doctorsand dental offices, apartments and flats for rent, restaurants and cafés, etc.

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Download (PDF, 1.61MB)

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