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HPE Nimble storage ready for integration with OpenShift

Red Hat OpenShift Container is a market leading PaaS platform developed with Kubernetes. It’s primarily aimed at enterprise-level companies looking to set containers into production in a standard and secure manner.

It should come as no surprise that most enterprises are concerned about their data, and it is unlikely that requirements of their storage environment will change due to them moving away from a monolithic application stack to a container. HPE is collaborating with Red Hat on many issues, and HPE Nimble Storage is the premier data storage platform that fully supports

supports the following solutions: Red Hat OpenShift Container and OpenShift Origin. Customers and companies are now given an Enterprise-level storage solution with advanced features and multi-cloud integration. Through the Red Hat OpenShift Primed program, HPE Nimble Storage ensures readiness and dedication to OpenShift.

Last year at Microsoft Ignite, HPE introduced the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform integration using Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services, demonstrating how to effectively build, ship, and launch Hybrid IT applications worldwide.

Click the following link to access the HPE Nimble Storage Integration Guide for Red Hat OpenShift and OpenShift Origin for customers on HPE InfoSight. HPE announced interoperability with all types of customers and backward compatibility with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.5 and onwards including version 3.9 released last week. They are also committed on providing support for OpenShift Origin, original Open Source project for customers looking to OpenShift Origin for their dev, test and QA environments.



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Useful information:

Interesting facts:  HPE Nimble Storage sets six nines availability standard
Video:  Nimble Storage InfoSight Predictive Analytics

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