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HPE Infosight is here!

HPE’s storage analytics products until now included its Storefront Remote portal for monitoring data storage devices from the cloud, offering support for models 3PAR, StoreOnce and StoreVirtual.

With the acquisition of Nimble and their InfoSight portal – providing visibility and analysis across all infrastructure layers (virtual machines, clusters, datastores…) – HPE announced at last year’s HPE Discover in Madrid plans to consolidate all portals and expand InfoSight Analytics to the 3PAR platform.

InfoSight user interface has been completely reworked to allow users easier navigation between different infrastructure layers – from VMs to hosts, datastores, volumes and fields. Now you can monitor vCPU and virtual memory usage data in VMware environments, and employ “noisy neighbor” analysis. Analytics feature provides the administrator with comprehensive information on virtual machines that overuse the bandwidth, hard drive I/O, CPU power, and other resources.

Figure 1 Overview of monitored systems

Advance HPE 3PAR or Storeonce users can now access the HPE Infosight platform. They can access detailed system configuration, gain performance insights and view storage utility projections from the storage device, as well as perform health checks to predict and prevent future problems.

StoreFront Remote API users will need to update their URLs to:


Figure 2 CPU load with running VMs (source:

Users already employing Nimble systems can now more easily replicate data in Nimble storage systems and Nimble Cloud Volumes. This option is available on Nimble OS 4.4 and later. Find out more:

You can access the new portal here:

See other news regarding HPE Infosight on official HPE website or by clicking this link.

Contact us for more information or if you want to arrange access to a Gen 10 demo server.

Useful information:

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Available demo equipment – for partners.

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