HPE announces OneView 4.0

HPE released the latest version of its Converged Infrastructure Management software – OneView 4.0.

OneView initially provided system administrators with centralized management of its C7000 enclosures and multiple DL server series. Meanwhile, HPE added management support for ML, DL, BL, Apollo and Synergy server systems with OneView, as well as HPE 3PAR and StoreVirtual storage systems. This makes OneView a cornerstone for a true software-defined datacenter.

Overview of Version 4.0 shows a comprehensive list of new features across virtually all aspects of the new software package:


Deploy infrastructure at cloud-like speed

New OneView 4.0 provides quick automatic discovery of server resources and adding servers based on IP range pinging. This useful feature was available in HP SIM and is finally integrated here in OneView. Note that discovery cannot be scheduled at a specific time.


You can also repair or re-provision policies with a single click, avoiding multiple, time-consuming operations by reapplying profiles from the Actions menu.

Simplify lifecycle operations

The latest release of HPE OneView solves today’s security challenges (together with Gen10 security announcements) by adding advanced security features.



OneView 4.0 Scope-Based Access allows IT Infrastructure Managers to assign and control which teams have access to specific resources. Server administrators no longer have to manage all servers, only those they were assigned.


HPE also added Two-factor authentication. This feature is now integrated with OneView and makes it possible to authenticate using smartcards in the initial implementation. IDs and PINs are stored on the card and matched with an access control system such as AD or LDAP.


Support was also added for SNMP v3 protocol to enhance the security of all newly-added servers in the OneView environment. Exception is for pre-ILO4 Gen8 servers (G6, G7 and G5 are not supported by OneView) which still require SNMP v1.

Virtual Connect

Multiple enhancements were made to Virtual Connect as well:

  • Improved firmware updates make it possible to perform orchestrated interconnect activations to reduce service outages
  • LACP over s-channels is now enabled for End-to-End Link Aggregation
  • Mixed Speed Satellite ICM support is now available for Synergy, giving you the option to simultaneously use 20Gb and 10Gb satellite frames in your deployment
  • Number of supported VLANs has increased (to 3966)
  • Storm Control is a new feature that allows rejecting excessive inbound (multicast, broadcast, and destination lookup failure – DLF) packets when user-specified threshold is reached.

Global Dashboard 1.3

In addition to OneView 4.0 there is a new version of Global Dashboard which enables combining multiple OneView instances to create a truly centralized management.

New features include improved AD/LDAP integration, user role flexibility, visibility of StoreVirtual and 3PAR volumes, new reports and reporting to external users.


More information on OneView 4.0 can be found on the official HPE website or by clicking here.

For additional information or enquire how to access a Gen10 demo server, please contact us.

Useful information:

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Video:  GitHub repository for OneView

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