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How to become F5 Certified!

Recently we’ve noticed that more and more of our existing and future partners are inquiring about F5 Certification. As many of you already know, F5 has redesigned its certification program a few years ago and elevated it to a higher level. Revamped certification process security and a different approach to exam preparation guarantees employers that the person holding the F5 Certificate is an exceptional F5 engineer.

This post will provide you with all the information and links for easier reference and to ensure you get acquainted with the F5 Certification process before or after starting on this path.

In addition to your personal satisfaction for successfully passing the exam, acquiring specific number and types of certification, as well as accreditation, are some of the requirements for having a partner status within the F5 Unity Program.


Creating an F5 Certified! account

Without registering for a special user account, it won’t be possible to initiate the F5 Certification process. Here you will get your Candidate ID needed to apply for the exam.

  1. First visit the F5 Credential Management System and create your user account.
  2. Enter your personal information and you’ll receive the confirmation email
  3. Then follow the instructions to link your data with the Pearson VUE system


Certification program details

F5 Certification program is divided into several progressive levels, meaning you have to demonstrate sufficient knowledge in each level before proceeding to the next, as shown in the following figure.

Level 4xx is not shown in the diagram. To get access to 4xx exams, you must first pass all level 3xx exams or some other specific combination. Currently, you can take the 401–Security Solution Expert Exam which is available after passing all prerequisite level 3xx exams and grants you the F5 Certified Security Solution Expert certification. There are only three F5 Certified Security Solution Expert engineers currently employed in Croatian organizations.


Exam blueprints and study guides

You can find study materials needed to prepare for the exam on various online resources:

  1. Official documents for exam prep can be found via the F5 Credential Management System – blueprints, study guides. Each blueprint lists the TMOS version on which the exam is based and sections/chapters that will appear in the exam together with the complexity rating.
  2. Unofficial materials, such as those found at, under “F5 Cert Exam Study Guides”, can be also extremely helpful when preparing to take your exam. Make sure to set aside enough time to read through all of these documents, as well as the additional links listed there.
  3. Another study resource we would like to highlight are the F5 Operation Guides – documents which briefly explain how the F5 modules work:
    1. TMOS Operations Guide
    2. LTM and GTM Operations Guide
    3. ASM Operations Guide
    4. APM Operations Guide
  4. There is also the F5 Certified LinkedIn community to help connect you to peers, exchange experiences and find newest information on the F5 Certification program and certificates by joining other “F5 Certified! Professionals”.


What are F5 Certified! practice exams?

F5 gives you the opportunity to test your knowledge by taking various practice exams. You don’t have to visit your test center – simply access these exams anywhere and anytime you want. Practice exams simulate the conditions of the real exam with the same number of questions and same amount of time as on the real thing. Regardless of what you found on the Internet, this is the only real F5 practice exam – other sources are not affiliated with F5 and have misleading information on what the real exam may look like. These practice exams also cost $25 for one, or $40 for two exams.


Taking the exam

The cost of taking an exam is $135 and you can access it at the Pearson VUE test centers by first scheduling the exam appointment via The exam consists of 80 questions with the time limit of 120 minutes. After successfully passing the exam, you will become a proud owner of a new F5 Certificate which is valid for two years.

In the event you fail an exam, please observe the following figure for information on retaking your exam:

Links to F5 websites are listed below, please feel free to send us an email with any questions to Good luck with the exam!

F5 Certified! Overview

F5 certification | Introduction

F5 certification | Exams and study materials

F5 certification | Policies and program details

F5 certification | Certificate levels and requirements

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