First step is always the hardest. Make it easier with Gigamon!

To keep pace with constantly evolving threats, companies have to be equally agile when selecting and introducing new security solutions. The process of choosing specific security solutions usually involves several steps: creating a RFI request, publishing the request on the market, reviewing obtained documentation, selecting a PoC vendor, testing the offered equipment, and then selecting your new solution. It all sounds logical and not exactly time consuming, but in reality, this process lasts at least 6 to 12 months without having added the implementation time. Decision-making process is also prolonged depending on the number of solutions we want to test, followed by increased PoC costs.

The most common challenge faced by companies when evaluating a solution is the time spent on testing, as well as human and network resources that need to be assigned to successfully complete the PoC selection. Security tools have to be provided with adequate traffic to make sure they successfully detect and identify threats, and successful comparison of multiple solutions requires using the same environment, i.e. same samples for detection.

Gigamon GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform provides your company not only with full visibility and capabilities to monitor network traffic that enable existing security tools to detect malicious activity, but also the ability to test multiple technologies over the same period on the same live traffic sample without interruptions.

During the PoC comparison procedure traffic can be replicated on multiple ports, i.e. directed to multiple software solutions, so all solutions undergoing evaluation have access to the same traffic. Gigamon can also ensure identical conditions and traffic flow for each tested tool, thereby leaving no room for doubt regarding specific circumstances surrounding the testing environment of a particular solution. This process is shown on the following picture.

There is no need to stop the production traffic flow when making your choice as Gigamon can be used to create an inline setup of the selected device while other solutions can be unplugged without stopping production. The entire process can be completed without the involvement of the network team giving the customer a significant advantage when it comes to managing the PoC schedule and test environment.

GigaSMART functionality accelerates the selection process and implementation of security solutions up to 80%, thus reducing the time spent on decision-making as well as operating costs. Additionally, quick decision-making reduces the risk of threats that are invisible to existing security solutions and ensures fast reaction times when business agility is imperative to the success of each and every company.

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