Antimalware and ransomware protection - smartphone to laptop

Protection and automation of data center security from physical servers to Vmware IaaS, Amazon/Azure cloud and containers

Next-gen antimalware

User protection integrating all modern content checking mechanisms (next-gen), with behavior monitoring and machine learning. Protection of all critical points: email and web traffic, user PCs and mobile devices, delivered via on-premise software installation or cloud services (SaaS).

Hybrid cloud security

Data center protection, from physical servers to virtual and cloud environments. Today’s servers and cloud environments require new orchestration and smart management functions. In addition to antimalware protection, Trend Micro Deep Security also offers virtual patching, IPS, Integrity monitoring and log inspection; from physical servers to Vmware IaaS, AWS/Azure and Openshift containers.

Network defense

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) with Deep Discovery product line. Protection from targeted attacks facilitated by suspicious code execution in a controlled environment (custom sandboxing) on network traffic, web or email communication levels. Prevent advanced threats and ransomware, and detect attacker activities at the earliest stage.

All Trend Micro products are based on their own proprietary multiple award-winning Smart Protection Network technology with global support provided by more than 1200 IT specialists, generating and delivering daily information on hundreds of thousands of new threats to all Trend Micro solutions, regardless of whether support is provided to individual users or large organizations.

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