Veracomp is the distributor of Thales’s Enterprise Cybersecurity division  for the Adriatic region, offering their products as part of Veracomp’s Security solutions portfolio.

Thales is the leading provider of data protection and digital security worldwide. Various governments, agencies and Fortune 500 global corporations turned to Thales to protect their most valuable data assets and intellectual property in the past 30 years. More than 25,000 customers trust Thales to protect and control access to sensitive data, manage risk, ensure regulatory compliance and secure data centers, virtual and cloud environments.

Thales focuses its system protection solutions on encryption and control of access to high value information – from the data center to the cloud – throughout the entire lifecycle. Security incidents cannot be prevented, customers can only minimize the risk of them occurring. For this reason, Thales’s data-centric security solutions are developed with two key aspects in mind: encryption of essential assets and access control. If an incident occurs, there is no reason why compromised data should be visible to perpetrators or persons without necessary access authorisation – apart from data, this approach also ensures the protection of your business operations, financial transactions and company reputation.

Thales’s Identity & Data Protection Solutions provide storage and management of cryptographic keys, user authentication and identity management, encryption of communications and data stored in data centers and cloud environments, and secure ownership over data located on-premises or in public infrastructure. Thales’s product portfolio incorporates solutions for addressing regulations and directives related to customer data protection such as GDPR, eIDAS, PCI, HIPAA.
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Products on offer:

  • Hardware Security Modules (HSMs): dedicated devices that are specifically designed for the protection of crypto keys and financial transactions. Crypto keys are kept in a “vault” – i.e. not stored in the application, transaction or any other server – which self-destructs to preserve and secure the keys in case of attempted unauthorized entry or theft. By using this method, unauthorized parties cannot gain access to private keys and decrypt data even when it has been successfully copied during the breach
  • Secure authentication and digital identity protection systems:  whether located in the corporate network infrastructure, commercial solutions or cloud services, Thales offers a portfolio of tools to secure access to confidential information via secure authentication. Thales’s identity and access management products utilize infrastructure for linking various sensitive services needing protection, as well as different types, methods and formats of authenticators (software and physical OTP tokens, grid, sms, CBA tokens and cards, Mobile PKI Bluetooth authenticators, etc.). These solutions ensure that access is provided to the right user without disrupting the user experience.
  • KeySecure: centralized crypto key management, encryption, tokenization and data pseudonymizing platform. Encryption connectors make KeySecure the only comprehensive market solution that enables granular encryption of both structured and unstructured data with flexible access controls that can be defined by user roles and rights. The solution provides encryption of applications, databases, file servers, virtual machines and storage systems regardless of whether they are located in a physical or virtual data center or the cloud. It is important to point out that structured data can be encrypted without making changes to existing systems (e.g. databases). KeySecure is one of the essential products in Thales’s best practice strategy for corporate data encryption. KeySecure is interoperable with almost all industry leading products and vendors available on the market – detailed list can be found on the Thales website.
  • Ethernet Encryptors: Layer 2 network encryption of data in motion, without reducing performance (hardware point-to-point modules).

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