Tenable Network Security

Tenable Network Security products are designed for detecting and identifying system risks and vulnerabilities. They provide customers with uninterrupted visibility and context on activities within the network or over-exposed resources, enabling them to take timely steps and make their organization secure.

Tenable products help companies prioritize protection and detection of threats while reducing their exposure to risk. Tenable’s performance results are evidenced by customers such as Fortune Global 500 companies, US Department of Defense, and many other companies across all business segments.

Tenable product portfolio is divided into following segments:

  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Vulnerability analytics
  • Continuous monitoring.

Nessus is the base product – technology that Tenable used to develop a variety of other solutions. This is a vulnerability assessment and management tool, available as on-premise or cloud solution. Nessus can quickly and efficiently detect vulnerabilities, configuration issues, malicious code, either in physical, virtual, or cloud environments, and helps prioritize root cause elimination.

SecurityCenter uses Nessus technology to provide an additional management level via a unique management console, enabling correlation of multi-level information and installation locations. The ultimate objective is to offer customers vulnerability analysis across the entire infrastructure.

SecurityCenter Continuous View features an additional level of analytics, continuous monitoring of system events, security context, risk and vulnerabilities, with high level of automation and integration with other environments.

Discover IT resources in your environment, assess threats and vulnerabilities in your infrastructure with any of the Tenable portfolio solutions!

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