Red Hat

Red Hat is a leading provider of open source solutions aimed at companies of all sizes and from all business sectors.


Company was established more than 20 years ago with a very simple premise – taking a different approach to developing software solutions.

Red Hat was founded in 1993 as a small company that sold software add-ons and Linux-based programs.

Today, Red Hat is a multinational software company and largest open source software manufacturer with over 10,000 employees in offices around the world. Red Hat conducts business via direct presence in more than 35 countries, and over 90% of the so-called Fortune 500 companies use their solutions. The path that Red Hat crossed in these twenty years is long and successful – from being the biggest competitor of one of the most significant software companies to becoming their technology partner.

Red Hat products are the result of a joint effort and collaboration between the open source community and leading IT companies and partners, generating a total revenue of over $ 2 billion annually for Red Hat. Due to this, it is understandable that the company invests heavily in the promotion and development of open source communities.


Red Hat’s portfolio can be divided into following segments, with solutions made available via a subscription model:


















Red Hat bases its development on the open source model with following main features:



PARTICIPATE (“upstream” projects) – we participe in and create community-powered upstream projects





INTEGRATE (“community” platform) – we integrate “upstream” projects, fostering open community platforms





STABILIZE (supported products, platforms and solutions) – we commercialize these platforms together with a rich ecosystem of service and certification




Red Hat management and participation in the open source community created Enterprise software class with 20% of annual earnings being invested in developing and improving final products.

Furthermore, Red Hat makes it possible for software and hardware partners, customers, and the academic community to participate in all stages of development.

Path that Red Hat takes from open source projects to final Red Hat products can be visually described as follows:

Middle column lists just some of the hundreds of thousands of open source projects sponsored and maintained by Red Hat. The company is the leading sponsor in almost all cases. Red Hat’s internal and other external developers contribute to these projects (partners, customers, and other software manufacturers). Right column shows enterprise-ready end products Red Hat has created from all projects, featuring full support and proven stability.

To get a complete overview and a clearer picture it is important we highlight main mission statement of Red Hat:

“To be the catalyst in communities of customers,
contributors, and partners creating better technology
the open source way.”

One interesting aspect of Red Hat’s growth and development was its initial battle with competition – see how it all happened in this short video:

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