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Nextsense Signing Suite

Nextsense Signing Suite is a comprehensive portfolio of products that covers wide range of business needs for application of legally accepted and publicly trusted digital signing, timestamping, sealing and verification of PDF (PAdES), XML (XAdES, XMLDSig) and other binary documents (CAdES) built on latest international technology standards (ETSI, OASIS, W3C) and regulations including most advanced and widely accepted European EIDAS regulation.

It provides products and components that enable:

  • Signing document with local user certificates in web applcations
  • Document sealing as service with centraly stored corporate seal
  • Internal/external users document signing with custom flows and customer branding
  • Internal/external users document signing with custom flows and customer branding
  • Electronic identity management for web/mobile services
  • Central storage of signing certificates for remote/ cloud signing scenario
Digital signing.

Nextsense Signing Suite is composed of products and components that can be easily implemented in your organization and integrated with internal legacy systems

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Signing Extension is easy to implement and deploy web document signing tool to be used by web applications for secure XML and PDF document signing. Ideal for organizations that need to implement easy and secure digital signing to their web applications while offering end users simplest possible service adoption.

Signing Server is a multifaceted and high performance server that implements digital document (XML, PDF) signing either as standalone solution for bulk document processing or by being consumed by client’s internal systems (CRM, ERP, Billing, DMS and other). It can be implemented as a web service (WS, REST), a watch folder or BizTalk plugins with support for both PDF and XML ensuring simple introduction of digital document signing in the business processes.

Signing Portal is web based collaboration platform enabling implementation of various document signing/approval processes through easy to use process designer of orchestrated digital signing and enterprise grade user/role/permission management system for easy operational management.

Remote Signing enables organizations to create hosted signing service for their employees or customers to digitally sign and/or timestamp documents trough a self-service portal application and mobile device with server hosted digital certificates.

Nextsense TSA Server provides independent and irrefutable proof of transaction times, documents and digital signatures. This TSA solution implements the IETF RFC 3161 specifications and can be used for intra organization timestamping needs but it can also be used to provide infrastructure-class commercial TSA services to multiple external parties.

Single Sign-On (Nextsense SSO) is a digital identity provider solution enabling efficient user management and access control of multiple related, yet independent, software systems. Users logs in with a single ID and password to gain access to any of several related systems.

eDelivery solution enables data and documents exchange in electronic form over secure, reliable and trusted communication channel, providing delivery proof through a digitally signed confirmation receipt.

Benefits from our partnership with Nextsense

Our strategic partnership with Nextsense as distributor of Nextsense Signing Suite products and components is based on the unique value of Nextsense’s innovative products and solutions for digital signing and collaboration with e-documents, built on the vast experience and highest EU security standards.

More than 15 years’ experience and expertise in digital signing, gained in the development of over 70 solutions with digital signing is embedded in unique Nextsense Signing Suite, now available on our market.

Nextsense products and components are recognized as innovative, trusted, secure and fully compliant with rules and regulations - a true value for our clients.
Our customers in a wide range of organizations in business and governmental sector can benefit from proven solutions for automation and digitalization of organization’s internal and customer related processes.


  • Strategic guidance through digital transformation process.
  • Proven solutions already implemented and functional in a number of organizations
  • Secure products for digital signing and collaboration with e‑documents
  • Implemented highest EU security standards
  • Continuous compliance with EU rules and regulations
  • Fast imvvplementation and easy integration with customer systems
  • Notable product references in multinational enterprises, government and large customers
  • Broaden the use cases and generate new opportunities of existing PKI based products (certificate issuing, Hardware security modules)

About Nextsense

Nextsense is specialized in driving complete digital transformation processes and delivering ICT solutions to improve the business performance of a wide range of organizations.

Utilizing leading-edge technology, Nextsense envisions and develop products and solutions founded on our expertise and experience in building digital solutions for the government and renowned enterprises in telecom, finance and other industries across Europe and wider.

Being committed to guiding the companies through the digital transformation process, Nextsense assists them in changing the way they do business from paper to digital, enabling them to implement intelligent software for automation of their internal and customer-related processes.

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