Ever lost your email or needed to find it quickly?

MailStore will take care of that.

Innovative e-mail archiving solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Protection against Data Loss

Users can delete important emails at any time, on purpose or by accident. This means the company loses important data. Email Archiving Solution makes it possible to fully archive all existing emails from a business, as well any future incoming and outgoing messages.

Lowering IT Costs

Volume of data grows each year and more resources are required to ensure that this data remains secure and available. Email archiving is an effective way to get these spiraling costs under control. ROI is generally achieved in a short space of time.

Increased Productivity

Universal access to the email information resource can significantly improve productivity within a company, because users can access the archive using a number of methods and quickly browse the emails using an incredibly powerful full-text search.

Legal Security

Businesses are faced with the challenge of meeting a growing number of regulations on email compliance. They need to archive email in a central, complete, and tamper-proof manner for any given length of time and ensure that it can be located again at any moment.


Even when the mail servers are unavailable, every user can access all emails via the email archive. All emails can be restored from the archive in standard formats at any time. This guarantees independence in the long term, even from MailStore Server itself.

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