Aruba 8400 – Changing the Game and Setting New Standards

Over the last few decades, ICT networks have been characterized by static, closed solutions designed for the so-called client-server age. This is no more. Aruba gives you the 8400 series of core and aggregate switches – solution that sets new market rules. It offers a flexible and innovative approach to addressing network, application and security requirements imposed by the new mobile-cloud and IoT age.



Aruba 8400 series of switches is based on the new ArubaOS-CX modern operating system designed for core networks, which automates and simplifies many critical and very complex network tasks.

The brain of the operation, unique Aruba Network Analytics Engine, gives you the ability to monitor and troubleshoot network, system, application, and security level faults using simple phyton script agents and REST API interfaces.


Flexible choice of 10G/40G/100G interfaces, very low latency, scalability, and support for a comprehensive global (Internet) routing table are just some of the key features of the new 8400 series with which Aruba elegantly rounded off its Mobile First switch portfolio, providing top quality performance and high availability.



  • Fully distributed architecture customized for high speeds and growing demands of modern applications (switching capacity up to 19.2Tbps, bandwidth up to 7.142 billion packs per second – BPPS)
  • Scalable (future-proof) design supporting current and future requirements
  • High interface density and flexibility (8 modules, choice between 32-port 10G/8-port 40G/6-port 40/100G ethernet modules)
  • High availability at so-called.
  • “Carrier-class” level thanks to redundant management, power and architecture
  • Advanced Layer 2/Layer 3 functionality including multi-chassis link aggregation, support for global Internet routing tables, BGP, OSPF, VRF, and IPv6
  • 8-RU compact chassis
  • Hot-swappable modules


Aruba OS-CX

  • Operating system fully customized for automated critical and complex network tasks
  • Built-in Open vSwitch Database (OVSDB), specially customized for software-defined networking (SDN)
  • OS based on a Linux kernel, adapted for dynamic software changes and increased availability and stability
  • Additional software elements that provide greater reliability than traditional operating systems
  • Possibility of creating multiple system copies and restoring old configurations (configuration rollback)
  • Integration with workflow engine systems to reduce possibility of human errors


Aruba Network Analytics Engine

  • Intelligent monitoring and full network visibility system
  • Automation and programmability with Python scripts and REST APIs
  • Monitoring and management on a network, system, application and security level
  • Combined with Aruba OS-CX operating system delivers unique monitoring and fault elimination options using simple scripts
  • Integrated database collects historical data used for trend analysis, and timely predicting and eliminating possible future disturbances



A Rounded Portfolio – From Core to Access Network

The 8400 Series completes Aruba’s Mobile First campus switching portfolio of enterprise level switches – from access, distribution, to core switches providing a comprehensive, modern and flexible solution, ready to take on all challenges of a new age of growing mobile and IoT markets:

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