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Are you using Microsoft Teams?

Popularity of Microsoft Teams skyrocketed during the pandemic, reaching 75 million daily active Teams users in early May 2020. Large number of people were working remotely during the outbreak if their functions made such work-from-home possible – using Microsoft Teams as their collaboration platform.

Are you using Teams from a laptop in the meeting room?

Are you aware there are better meeting room solutions than a laptop?

Why laptops are not preferred meeting room tools and what are the benefits of using a dedicated solution:

  • Superior-quality camera, capturing a wider angle from a more suitable viewpoint
  • Excellent sound experience thanks to improved microphone quality over your laptop
  • Speakers offer enhanced audio capabilities
  • Your PC stays free for writing notes or quickly checking messages – email, chat and other private notifications cannot be inadvertently seen by others

Discover Poly’s Solutions for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Poly G10-T

Aimed at users with Teams-certified USB audio and video peripherals; everything else is provided in this G10-T kit:

  • Lenovo ThinkSmart Edition Tiny with Win 10 Ent IoT and Teams Rooms app
  • VESA mount
  • Poly GC8 touch controller
  • 10m USB optical cable

Poly G40-T

Small to medium meeting rooms (4-8 participants)

  • G10-T
  • Poly Studio video bar

Poly G80-T

Medium to large meeting rooms (8+ participants):

  • Poly G10-T kit
  • Poly EagleEye Director II
  • Poly Trio C60 (optional)

Are you tired of cables and wires making a mess of your meeting room and would you rather opt for a “cleaner” setup?

Clutter free design makes this possible

8-inch USB controller with 1xHDMI and 1xUSB ports:

  • HDMI for sharing content from your laptop
  • USB for connecting a speakerphone

Separate the MTR PC into a cabinet or mount it behind the display to keep it out of reach of unskilled employees

Poly MTR and GC8 controller are connected with a single 10m optical USB cable (25 m/40 m options available)

What are other benefits of using Poly MTR?

Automatic camera tracking

Automatic camera tracking with speaker framing and picture-in-picture mode

MeetingAI delivers multiple intelligent framing features:

  • Group framing
  • Speaker framing
  • Conversation mode

What will happen when offices reopen?

Employees will definitely continue to use Teams as their preferred collaboration tool for various reasons:

  • They got accustomed to the MS Teams platform during the pandemic
  • Work-related travel is still restricted
  • Digital information travels faster and more cost-efficiently than humans
  • Video calls transmit significantly more information than voice calls
Need a quote or help in designing the solution that best fits your needs? Wondering what partner to choose for implementation?

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