Arbor Networks: Stay Connected!

On November 9, 2018, we’ve held a special security event at the Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb titled Arbor Networks: Stay connected!

Arbor Networks products provide protection to some of the largest and most sensitive systems around the globe from so-called distributed denial of service attacks and other sophisticated threats. Their solutions ensure uninterrupted availability of infrastructure and services, visibility with micro-level understanding of network traffic and insight into global events. Leveraging historical and current information makes it possible to eliminate threats with simple event visualization and forensics.

The event opened with introductory presentations by representatives of Veracomp and Arbor Networks.

Figure 1. Marko Djordjevic, IT Security Sales Professional, Arbor Networks and Aleksandar Stančin, Security Sales Director, Veracomp

Participants were introduced to Arbor Edge Defense – first and last line of defense for your network, system and apps.

It was especially intriguing to learn how some of the largest telecom operators around the world successfully eliminated the threat of DDoS attacks by deploying Arbor enterprise solutions.

Figure 2. Marko Djordjevic, IT Security Sales Professional, Arbor Networks

There was a talk about the ATLAS infrastructure and its ability to provide insight into the global state of the cyber-threats segment. This is a collaborative project involving hundreds of service providers and their users.

Figure 3. Marco Gioanola, Senior CE, Cloud Services Architect

One of the key topics discussed the methods for ensuring the continued availability of resources, and choosing the right strategy for preparing against DDOS attacks.

Figure 4. Sławomir Janukowicz, Sales Engineer EMEA


If you would like to schedule a presentation, meeting or simply get more information on these security tools, feel free to contact us.



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